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Plan Beforehand Ask for an estimate and contract

Do not leave everything for the last moment. Fix the days in which your removal will take place and organize the details.

We recommend closed estimates by previous visit if it is possible. Ask for a written estimate and contract.

Look for an agency with guarantees Ensure objects of value

Do not trust on cheap removals. A serious removal agency with guarantees will offer you the packaging of furniture and belongings with guarantee of maintenance, the moving in the most suitable vehicle and the delivery at the indicated home.

Remember that there are ways to ensure suitably your objects in case of any possible circumstance.

Select the objects to move Ask your agency for advise
Select only the ones you need.
Check their conditions before and after the removal.
A professional removal agency will offer you services that you may not know, such as furniture warehouse, furniture hoist, packaging of personal effects as china, glass, clothes, books and so on.


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